Who We Are


The Information Technology Department (ITD) is the central technology support for the County’s agencies and departments who serve the community of more than 1.5 million people who are dependent on the services the County provides. But ITD is more than just a bunch of “geeks”. We are technology professionals who are also volunteers, hikers, sports fans, readers, writers, world travelers, boaters, parents, bikers, walkers, photographers, movie producers, cancer survivors, food drive donators, activists, hackers, care-givers, pilots, rollercoaster junkies, movie lovers and lovers of the communities we work in. We are….ITD.

Our Awards

ITD has been recognized many times for its innovative use of technology. Check out the awards we have won.

Our Photos

We celebrate employee appreciation day and holidays. Check out photos of our team. 

Our Plan

ITD has a plan that details our mission and vision for technology and how it can be used to benefit the citizens of Alameda County. 

Our HQ

Our state-of-the-art  headquarters exemplifies what we are all about: modern, innovative, collaborative, and fun.

Our Community

Alameda County ITD was present at the Math & Science FAIRyland at Children’s Fairyland in Oakland California in 2019 to introduce the joys of STEM to pre-K crowd. The event was hosted by East Bay Economic Development Alliance (East Bay EDA) & Children’s Fairyland and Sponsored by Alameda County ITD.