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Application Development

ITD offers a variety of application development services. We can design, build, support and implement web apps, mobile apps for Apple and Android devices, enterprise apps such as PeopleSoft Financials and HRMS, custom apps using various modern and legacy technologies like JAVA, .NET, PHP, COBOL, etc. and cloud based or SAS solutions. ITD has developed and supports dozens of enterprise class custom applications for the various County departments and agencies, as well as several regional applications serving many of the Bay Area counties and local governments. We bring together our understanding of your business, technical expertise, and project methodology to deliver superior technology solutions within agreed upon timeline and budget.


With years of experience in the field of Information Technology, ITD helps departments and agencies utilize technology to meet their department's business objectives. Based on their needs, we will help take their department or agency to the next level. We can share best practices with the department or agency and identify the scope, cost and time-frame of the project.

Digital Communication

We live in a new age of communication. People have a variety of digital tools that they can use to communicate instantly with each other.  ITD provides County departments a diverse set of tools to help them communicate through social media, video, live broadcasts, email, and voice technology.


ITD offers self-service kiosks for renewal document submission plus, EBT and Medi-Cal card reissuance at the San Pablo SSC office. Clients can now submit their own periodic report documents (i.e. quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports) to the kiosk which:

  • scans the documents
  • routes an electronic copy of the documents to their worker's route box
  • notifies CalWIN (preventing benefit discontinuance)
  • issues a receipt as proof of compliance

Radio Services

The Radio Services Group supports radio communications between County, City Agencies, and other offices that provide public protection and general government services to the public.  We maintain the subscriber and infrastructure radio equipment of the East Bay Regional Communications System (EBRCS).  In total, we are responsible to sustain the conditions of 35 sites, 8200 radio subscribers, and 10 dispatches.


Cybersecurity is an area of constant attention for the ITD Department to ensure we remain aware and pliable in an ever changing environment of security threats. The threat to information systems from hackers and malware is constantly changing and evolving at a rapid pace. As the technology leader for Alameda County, the IT Department recognizes the importance of building a robust and sustainable defensive posture that adapts to the complex Information Security threat landscape. The approach to Information Security must be comprehensive in scope to address all aspects of Information Technology systems and the employees that use them.

ITD has created an Information Security Office and developed a 5-year strategic plan to enhance and promote the County’s security posture. This 5-year plan incorporates well known security standards with a focus on:

  • Security Awareness for County Employees
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Vulnerability Management for County Systems
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Account Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Data Access Management

Additionally, ITD has partnered with a number of 3rd party security organizations to collaborate and network with security professionals across the United States.

Citizen Engagement

ITD has lead the way in hosting an annual event for the County that introduces the public to a new concept of combining civic needs with technology. These events allow you to showcase your ideas or collaborate with others to see how quickly and accurately you can design and create a software app or concept that addresses local community needs. Visit our hackathon website to learn more:

ITD is also championing the County's use of social media. We started the County's social media accounts back in 2009 and have grown them over the years. We also do a social media "roadhow" where we educate County departments about social media and why they need to be using it. All of this is done so that the County and ITD can better communicate with our customers. Connect with us!

Geographical Information System (GIS)

Why settle for a boring tabular data when you can visualize, interact and analyze data using visual platform like maps. ITD provides expertise and resources to assist in designing, programming, implementing, and supporting GIS services for the County Departments.

Infrastructure and Cloud

Cloud is simple, scalable, green, and secure.  We provide a cloud infrastructure that eliminates the need for departments to maintain physical servers for their data, network and collaboration needs. This provides county departments a quick turnaround to get their business applications and processes up and running in no time. Besides the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), the County has been leveraging the power and flexibility of the Cloud’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) model. This provides the County departments the ability to develop and use applications without the need to architect, design and provision servers.  In addition, the County has been strategically using the DevOps model to streamline the deployment of applications and infrastructure in the Cloud.