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New Acgov.org Website

The County has adopted a “mobile first” design philosophy and is applying it to all new websites including the redesigned ACGOV.org, allowing the site to be viewed on any desktop or mobile device. Using a minimalist approach, the usual navigation bars were removed and the search bar emphasized. The search functionality provides various filters and suggested keywords to aid locating the content faster. For those users who still like to click through a site, key links were added through out to help the user locate important and highly visited pages. This new search-centric implementation provides the public the opportunity to easily locate County services and information without the need in understanding government hierarchy. ITD will continue to improve and enhance the site with the user experience in mind.

Open Data Initiative

The Alameda County Data Sharing Initiative provides the public with easy online access to records and information about County business and operations. The Initiative aims to enhance the County’s commitment to transparent government and to encourage civic engagement.

ITD continues to support the initiative by maintaining the County's data sharing website and by hosting community hackathons.

Alameda County Voice over IP Project

The Alameda County Telephony Infrastructure Team has embarked on a multi-year project to update and convert the outdated and end of life PBX systems to new VoIP systems for 9000 users. The new VoIP system is more efficient, flexible, and cost effective than older phone systems. The project is broken into five (5) phases each focusing on a specific “campus” of sites.

Phase three was completed on schedule at the end of 2016. Phase four, starting this year, consists of 16 sites and is expected to complete in early 2018. This project will provide optimized administration, removal of end of life/outdated hardware, optimize call routing, and provide additional features and capabilities. In addition, new technology is currently being tested to offer Unified Communications suites that bring together voice, video, messaging, presence, and conferencing.

Assessor’s System Modernization (IMPROVE.NET)

The Alameda County Information Technology Department (ITD) developed the IMPROVE application for the Assessor’s Office, providing a comprehensive solution for tracking and assessing real property in Alameda County. Development of IMPROVE started in 1999. Since then, technology and industry standards have greatly evolved. In order to take advantage of the GIS, imaging, reporting technologies, reduce use of paper and increase the level of automation in the business process, IMPROVE is being converted from the current client-server PowerBuilder platform to the Microsoft .NET technology platform. This will allow for greater flexibility in application development, maintenance and integration with other systems and technologies while increasing Assessor staff productivity, quality of data and services to the public. Concurrently, ITD is finishing migration of the Mainframe business and personal property legacy application, CUPS, to the IMPROVE.NET platform, with its first module live since July 2016 and the first production business and personal property assessment roll scheduled for June 2017.

eCRIMS Modernization Project

The eCRIMS modernization project will convert all of the mainframe CORPUS green-screen functionality to the web based CRIMS platform. This involves 4 phases: eCAR (electronic Consolidated arrest Record), Person update, Event Update and Docket and Sentencing update.

Phase 4, which included integration of Court’s Odyssey system with the various case management systems of the County’s Criminal Justice Partners, was completed July 2016. Currently work is in progress on decommissioning the legacy mainframe systems.

Automated Employee on-boarding system

A major accomplishment in the recruiting area is the implementation of a digital friendly onboarding system called SmartERP. This new system streamlines the process of bringing a new hire onboard by having the prospective employee fill out all the relevant applications, their personal information and all other required new hire information completely online. This eliminates the need for candidates to make a special trip to the job site to fill out and sign stacks of paperwork prior to the hire date. It also allows them to read and certify new hire policies before they even start. All this can be done by the candidate at their own pace and in the comfort of their home. The information then flows into PeopleSoft, reducing the amount of information that needs to be manually entered by the department.

Auditor Property Tax Information System (APTIS)

New application replacing the Mainframe system that was originally developed in the 1970s. System allowed Auditor Tax Analysis department to significantly reduce the effort spent on the annual tax rate area updates done by the staff and to improve data quality. New process is designed as 100% paperless, leading to reduced use of paper, as about 5000 sheets of paper were used annually to print the reports in support of the business process. Application was released in May 2015. New addition to APTIS, scheduled for the release in 2017, will allow Auditor to automate the process of uploading special assessment information for the 450,000 real properties from all taxing entities in Alameda County.

New Cash Issuance Process

CalWIN (Online system used by 18 California counties) supports the administration of public assistance programs such as CalWORKS, CalFresh, MediCal, General Assistance, Foster Care etc., and it pays these benefits to individuals in the form of Warrants, Checks, EFT and EBT. Out of these, our County processes the Warrants, Checks and EFT so the individuals in our county are being paid timely. The current system is being processed by Mainframe through its scheduler, Zeke and also using DSeries to transfer files to SFTP (which Mainframe cannot) to Union Bank for fulfilling the payments. New system was rewritten completely using Microsoft .NET technologies and the process is scheduled through DSeries. The scheduler runs daily, weekly, monthly as well on demand for COLA payments.

Scheduled to go live in three phases during Mar and Apr 2017.

Workload Distribution Tool (WDT)

We developed the Workload Distribution Tool (WDT) for the Social Services Agency (SSA). The WDT application continuously pulls vital information from case management systems and distributes work evenly to workers based on their availability. This will allow for SSA to efficiently manage actions on cases timely. The tool will also enable management the ability to monitor and keep track of critical case actions.

Go live in June 2017.

Enterprise Service Bus

Implemented MuleSoft ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), an infrastructural software that enables a communication system between mutually interacting software applications in a service-oriented architecture. It allows linking of multiple IT systems, applications and data eliminating the need for writing custom programs to integrate individual services.

Implemented in July 2016.

Office 365 Implementation

Our department is rolling out Office 365 to all County departments. The cloud solution will enable County staff to better collaborate, better communicate and better serve our customers.

Upgrade of Financial – ERP System

Earlier this year, we successfully completed upgrade of our PeopleSoft Financial system to the latest delivered version. This upgrade was achieved completely by in-house staff. The upgrade was flawless and has positioned us for using accessing the system on any mobile device. This latest version, called FLUID version, provides easy and new way to navigate the pages using tiles instead of traditional navigation. The system also has the capability for dashboard for easy display of key statistics and work centers for administrators acting as a one stop shop for all their tasks.

Upgraded March 20, 2017

Central Collections Electronic Statements

Saving the County the costs of producing Central Collection Statements on paper and the associated costs of mailing, is the goal of this project. Clients will be able to opt in to receive a monthly email instead of receiving a paper statement in the mail. The email to the client will contain a link to the County website for credit card payment or payment by check. If check is preferred a payment stub can be printed from the website to include with the clients payment.

Implemented March 6, 2015.

Implement the Countywide Efficiency Initiative

The initiative seeks to improve the County's efficiency through process re-engineering and implementing new technologies.

For 2016: ITD is continuing to build new imaging applications to reduce paper and improve workflow. We will also be implementing an enterprise eSignature and eForms solution as a tool in reducing paper and streamlining business processes. And we are promoting the use of video conferencing supporting the Climate Initiative.

Tax Collector Canvassing Application

Mobile application designed to help Tax Collector with field work. Staff is now able to quickly collect all the necessary information when they visit tax delinquent properties. The new process is 100% paperless and significantly reduced the time staff spends working on the property canvassing.

Updated February 2016

New Position Request System

The County Position Request system underwent a modernization and enhancement of business processes used to request changes in County Positions and Pay units. This new web based intranet application is used by all County departments to initiate a request. These requests are tracked and ushered through the approval process which may require approval by the Board of Supervisors and/or the Civil Service Commission, CAO analyst and/or Central HR Department. Once the request is fully approved an automated change is made in the HRMS system.

Implemented February 2, 2015.