Photo from ITD Town Hall Meeting showing employees networking.

2019 ITD Holiday Party 

Photos from our holiday party. Open Album

2018 New ITD HQ 

Display of our new headquarter's interior. Open Album

2018 Art Installation

We support our local community and artists. In our new headquarter, we installed a collection of arts by local artist, Stephen Galloway. Open Album

2017 New ITD HQ - Before

Photos of our new headquarters before renovation began. Open Album

2017 Holiday Party

We rang out 2017 with our annual Holiday Party - complete with tons of amazing desserts made by the team! Open Album

2016 Holiday Party

We wrapped up 2016 with a fun and festive Holiday party in our future workspace. Check out these photos of the food, games, and smiles! Open Album

2016 Employee Appreciation Day

Every year, we celebrate the many people who contribute to making ITD a great place to work and thrive. For our 2016 Employee Appreciation Day, we enjoyed a Star Wars themed ice cream social and cheered on our peers as they were recognized for 5, 10, even 45-year milestones here at the County. Open Album

2015 Stone Soup Food Drive

In 2015, we used the force to create a "STARVE WARS" themed display for the annual Stone Soup Food Drive competition. While building our display, we raised over $3600 and more than 2000 pounds of food toward the County totals. Check out our display to see R2D2, Yoda, and more - all made from cans! May the food be with you! Open Album

2018 New ITD HQ - Lower Level

Display of our new headquarter's interior. Open Album

2017 Groundbreaking

Exciting changes are on our horizon! This year we celebrated the new soon-to-be home of ITD with a groundbreaking ceremony. Open Album

2017 Awards

A collection of some of the awards our teams and projects won in 2017. Open Album

2017 Employee Appreciation Day

We appreciate our employees every day, but once a year we give some extra recognition to those on our team celebrating milestones within Alameda County. This year we cheered for our peers at an island-themed ice cream social. Open Album

2016 Stone Soup Food Drive

The Stone Soup Food Drive gives ITD the opportunity to show that we care about our communities. In 2016, ITD donated over 2000 pounds of food and nearly $3000 in cash during the annual food drive. Donations went to Alameda County Community Food Bank. Check out the photos of our "Pokémon GO - End Hunger!" themed display. Gotta feed 'em all! Open Album

2016 Employee Awards Potluck

In 2016, the various teams within our department won several awards for the time and effort they dedicated to making Alameda County a great place to work and live. We celebrated their many achievements with a potluck luncheon. Open Album